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Helping Veterans Find Success As They Define It Since 2011.

“Wyakin understands that every Warrior is more than just a Veteran. They were there for me when my world was crashing down; they worked tirelessly to help get me into a career I love and into my MBA program. I’m honored to be a Wyakin alum and privileged to stay involved with the program.”

Garrett Meyer, US Marine Corps

Wyakin Alumnus, 2018

"When I first got out of the Marine Corps. I had no direction and didn't feel like I had applicable skills after deployment," he said. "After I got back from Afghanistan. I didn't resonate with civilian life, the traditional job system, and job roles. I did not know how to acclimate to that environment, and I was so used to the military."

"So every warrior is matched with a community mentor, a volunteer with similar interests in career background in what they're trying to pursue as far as their education goals,"

"Everyone is tasked with getting out of their shell for the better of their community. I enjoy that the mission of Wyakin is not only to help the Veteran succeed but that the Veteran's primary goal is to succeed and give back the same that was given to them."

Jordan Kell, US Marine Corps

Wyakin Alumnus, 2022